I have a DeepCool multi-fan AIO, and I want to know what the optimal way of wiring up the fan connectors of the pump and fans is?

The optimal way to wire up a multi-fan AIO is to use a PWM splitter for the radiator fans, and plug that splitter into the CPU_Fan header. If you have a 2 fan AIO and also have a CPU_OPT header, you can plug each fan directly into the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT fan headers. The pump would be plugged into any other fan header; just make sure that header is running at full speed. If your DeepCool cooler happens to come with a fan hub, you can utilize the hub instead of a splitter. You would just plug the radiator fans into the hub, making sure that the white port is occupied with one of the PWM fans, and plug the hub into the CPU_FAN header. You can plug the pump into this hub as well if you desire.